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Chartered Accountant

Cloud Accounting and Ecommerce Specialist

In 2012 I began specialising in consulting smaller businesses in accounting to help them get in control of their finances and so Little Miss Bookkeeping was born! Working alongside small businesses to guide them through debits and credits towards more efficient business structures has been my sole focus. Instead of being a small cog in a large corporation, I’ll draw upon my education and experience to be straightforward with my clients and coach them with expert financial advice. If you’re looking for a BAS Agent on the Sunshine Coast, let’s get start a conversation.

Online BAS Accountant / BAS Agent Sunshine Coast

First and foremost, I’m here to assist you in getting ahead of your finances. With my vast prior experience and education, I’ll offer expert advice for your business to ensure that you’re operating as efficiently as possible.

By specialising in Cloud Accounting and Ecommerce, I’ll manage finances and tax affairs efficiently, safely and timely. While running a business, handling accounting and taxation is a huge task that takes a lot experience. A BAS accountant alleviates that pressure and manage your paperwork to free up your precious time. With my services, you’ll rest assured knowing your finances are in good hands.

If you’re a smaller firm in need of a BAS agent Sunshine Coast, book a complimentary 30-minute virtual consult and we’ll start developing a plan for your business.

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It’s always an incredible feeling seeing small businesses thrive through my consultations. Being a freelance BAS Accountant, I’ll adapt to your business no matter what your financial situation is. Through my professional consulting, we will make small adjustments now to drive you towards substantial long-term growth. If you’re eager to improve your financial situation but don’t know where to start, I’d love to hear from you!


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Nothing makes me happier than implementing time-saving tools and systems that help small businesses get ahead. Instead of being a cog in a large corporation, freelance consulting lets me be the adaptive Bookkeeper on the Sunshine Coast you need. Whatever your financial situation, I’ll help you find new approaches to cut unnecessary costs and alleviate undue pressure. If you’re ready to watch your business grow, let’s start a conversation