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  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys, it’s Michelle Knight from Little Miss Bookkeeping. Today I wanted to run through a form you might already be familiar with, and that is how to complete your super form or a superannuation standard choice form which you’ll complete when you start a new job. As an accountant, I do see these get completed incorrectly. So I thought it would be a good idea to just quickly run
  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys, it’s Michelle Knight from Little Miss Bookkeeping. Today I wanted to run through the reasons why I love Xero. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Xero is a cloud-based accounting software, a software that I use on a daily basis and software that my clients use. So I wanted to run through the five main reasons why I love it. So if you’re interested in learning
  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys, it’s Michelle Knight from Little Miss Bookkeeping. Today I wanted to run through how to complete your Tax File Number declaration or TFN Declaration. More often than not I do see TFN Declarations get completed incorrectly, whether they’re by people who are starting jobs for the first time or they’ve been in the workforce for a number of years. I thought it would be a good idea to
  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys, it’s Michelle Knight from Little Miss Bookkeeping. Today I’ll be talking about the 2020 federal budget that recently got released and breakdown what it means specifically for small business owners in Australia. If you’re interested in finding out more, please keep watching!  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, information has been circulating around the 2020 federal budget following its release by our treasurer on Tuesday 6th October. What I’ll be doing is explaining the budget measures and focus
  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys! Here is a video on how to renew your business name and not get scammed. So, I went to my PO Box this morning to pick up my normal business mail and I received something that I hadn’t seen before. I thought, OK, I think I need to bring this to every other business owners’ attention because there is a new ‘scam artist’ on the block. I’ll run you through what exactly this is.  So,
  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: This is Dan. He represents taxpayers in Australia. Now Dan wants to lodge his 2020 tax return because it is after the 1st of July. This is Michelle. Now Michelle represents bookkeepers/BAS agents, accountants/tax agents and business owners in Australia.  Dan is really eager to get his 2020 tax return lodged via the ATO. Dan needs to realise is that Michelle, who represents business owners, accountants and bookkeepers, has the
  • >> WATCH NOW << TRANSCRIPT: Teacher (ATO): [Monday 20th April] Here’s your assignment (JobKeeper). You will have VERY LIMITED TIME to complete it. I haven’t given you all the details just yet, but have a go. I will give you updates over the coming days. It will take twice as long as you think and your classmates (clients) will have lots of questions and be relying on you to get it done. If you plagiarise
  • A shout out to all my accounting brother and sisters out there, the last week or so have been INSANE! For those who aren’t aware, your tax professionals have been working incredibly hard to get their heads around the new JobKeeper payment rules, whilst being smashed by a mountain of client questions. It’s really a learning curve for everyone!  I thought I’d put this blog together as a quick rundown of the JobKeeper rules as I know some people are finding
  • On the morning of Sunday 22 of March, our prime minster Scott Morrison unveiled a second stimulus package totalling $66 billion. I’m going to be running through these updated incentives, particularly those that directly affect Australian small business.   Now I’ve been a little bit slow in covering these off, with the main reasons being:  We’ve been waiting for the package to be passed through as law. This didn’t happen until Monday evening after the package was announced on Sunday morning.  There were some grey areas which we tax professionals were still waiting for guidance
  • Following the World Health Organisation’s announcement confirming the Coronavirus’ as PANDEMIC, our government has put together a scheme to keep our economy rolling on. On the morning of Thursday 12 of March, our prime minster Scott Morrison presented a number of measures, including cash payouts and small business relief resulting in $17.6 billion stimulus package. I’m going to be running these, particularly the incentives that directly affect small business here in Australia.  As quoted, “the measures are designed to support business sticking with investment they had planned and encouraging them