How to to apply for your Director Identification Number (DIN)

February 17, 2022


Hi guys, this is how to apply for your Director Identification Number (DIN) online.

So if you watched my first video, I’ve run through what a DIN or a director identification number is. But thought I would run through the process on how to actually do it. We have Dan, who’s going to be our example. As a director of a company you have to do your own. Your accountant/tax agent can’t do it on your behalf. Dan’s going to do it and I’m going to help guide him.  



Step #1 – Set up your MyGovID

I’m on the ABRS website and I’ve navigated to “how to apply for your director ID”.  There essentially are three steps to doing that. The first thing is to set up your my Gov ID. Not to get confused with my Gov as the two are different.  



I know a lot of people have already had this set up on their phone. We literally just set up on Dan’s phone. We used his Medicare card and driver’s license to do that and that took less than 5 minutes. We won’t go through that process in detail but if you go on the ABRS website, you can get instructions on how to do that. 


Step #2 – Gather your documents

You’ll need to gather some basic information. It could be your TFN number, residential address, or two documents to verify your identity. So if you just quickly read these below it could be a bank account, notice of assessment, super details and dividend statement summary or pay as you go payment summary which don’t exist anymore because now we’ve moved to STP finalisation reporting.  




In this case we have Dan’s bank details which the ATO will have for any tax refunds that have gone into his bank account. And I’ve also got a notice of assessment. This is how a notice of assessment looks like. If you’re looking for that you can log into your myGov and you should be able to grab that off there if it’s not readily available to you. 



Step #3 – Complete your application

I’ll go ahead and get Dan to apply now. If we click on here, let’s see what happens. I will put in Dan’s email address, log in to myGovID (go to the app on your phone and authenticate to go to the second step of security).   



So now we’re on the next page. Have a little read through here, just making sure everything makes sense.  



This is obviously your sort of T&Cs. Tick ‘I agree to the T&Cs of use’ and then ‘Next’. The next page will have your name and date of birth and we are going to confirm our identity details. It’s interesting because when I did mine, I didn’t have to go through any of these. I think I might’ve previously submitted some sort of my ID details another way. But we can go ahead and do that. So let’s have a go at the notice of assessment. On the other screen I’m going to put in the date of issue and then the reference ID or reference number.  



And then we have some bank details, let’s go ahead and put those in now.  



And now we have been able to verify Dan’s ID with the identity details and we’ll go ahead and click ‘Continue’. So Dan’s going to read the application requirements and ensure that he complies with everything that’s listed on the screen. Tick the relevant boxes.  


We got personal details that we will review. We’ll go ahead and make sure that that’s all true and correct. We’re just reviewing the details here, making sure we’re in line with the application requirements, making sure that these details are correct and making sure that we complete the application. Click ‘Submit’. 


Step #4 – Record & share your DIN

That’s it! On the very last page you’ll have your director identification number, you will go ahead and save that down.  



And it’ll actually say ‘Next Steps’. Once you save it down, if you’re a client of mine – can you please send me your director ID number so we can save that on the relevant place for you. And if someone else is looking after your corporate secretary affairs, give that to the relevant person. 


If you’re a company director, complete your application form to get your DIN. Any questions, drop us a comment, DM, email and will try to help where we can. Otherwise the ABRS website should be able to have all the information there for you.


I hope this video is helpful and i’ll see you on the next one, bye!


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