Who is Little Miss Bookkeeping?

November 20, 2019

My name is Michelle Knight. I am a millennial Chartered Accountant and small business owner. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. I’ve been an accountant working in public practice since 2012, predominantly assisting and servicing small to medium businesses.

I am so passionate about working with other small business other achieve their goals. I want to make accounting less scary and more FUN! I’m on a mission to teach other millennials everything I know in the world of debits and credits!

What are my experience & qualifications?

I’m a full blown tax nerd and have racked up some very expensive pieces of paper over the years. They include:

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Registered BAS Agent

Chartered Accountant of Australia and New Zealand

Xero Certified Advisor

Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

Xero Silver Partner

If you want to see about more on my professional career, check out my LinkedIn profile.

How long has Little Miss Bookkeeping been going?

I’ve been running Little Miss Bookkeeping since 2014, where the first 4 years I ran as a ‘side hustle’ whilst working full time in public practice. Back then I was only servicing a handful of clients. I have recently decided to grow my business, start taking on new clients and expand my service offering.

Right now my business is growing even bigger, where I will have some awesome news to share with everyone very soon!

What businesses do you work with?

I work with a vast range of businesses, from trades to beauty to hospitality. Currently my client list includes:









Not for profit

I have a particular interest in ecommerce businesses, which stems from running another business called Aura Eve.

Why do you like ecommerce businesses?

For those who don’t know, I also co-founded an online activewear brand named Aura Eve, which has been trading since 2015. We are most well known for our ‘booty bands’, with our product range continuously growing. This has been my ‘other side hustle’, where I am able to use my accounting knowledge as a solid base for business.

Why did you start Little Miss Bookkeeping?

Quite simply, to help others. Accounting is not everyone’s cup of tea, so I get my kicks in helping other small business owners with their own finances and business needs. I get excited when I can give back valuable time to a client by reducing the hours spent doing admin work or showing them a much more effective process or system.

In high school I was always interested in business, so I saw studying accounting as a great foundation to grow. After starting my own online business, Aura Eve, I’ve seen a great rise in ecommerce, with millennial females leading the charge. I’ve felt the teething pains in running my own start up and would love to help others navigate these waters with my guidance.

Why choose me as your bookkeeper?

I believe I am:

Truly skilled at what I do – I’ve been doing it for some time now, learnt a lot and experienced a lot. Professional development is always at the top of my list, so I’m always prioritising learning and expanding my skills.

I have first-hand business owner experience – Quite simply, I get YOU. The edge I believe I bring to the table is well rounded experience and knowledge. As having experience both as an accountant and small business owner, I feel I can better understand my client’s needs and give them accurate help and advice. I’ve experienced the same business issues as my clients and can relate to their problems, share war stories and give insight. I’m definitely not your ‘typical’ accountant.

I’m not a dinosaur accountant – When you say ZipPay or Stripe payments I know what you are talking about. I’ll show you how to use really cool bookkeeping apps and make the whole accounting thing much easier to understand. Shout out to Xero and Receipt Bank for making my and my client’s lives much easier. Forgot about the old guys who haven’t caught up with the times, I’m the new kid on the block ready to shake things up!

I’m authentically invested in your business success – when meeting a new client I always ask, what are your business goals? I love watching them light up as they explain their business and their goals, which gets me excited to work with them. The business owner is the true driver behind any business. I’m an advisor – maybe one of the wheels – that helps push the ‘car’ along.

How do I work with you?

I am able to service my client’s both face-to-face and remotely. Live half way across the country? Not a problem! Let’s email, text, direct message, Skype – whatever your preference. The online world has given us all these great tools at our fingertips, let’s use them! Work smarter, not harder, right?

If you would like any accounting or bookkeeping assistance or simply to have a chat, shoot me an email! Hope to hear from you soon.

Let’s get in touch!


Nothing makes me happier than implementing time-saving tools and systems that help small businesses get ahead. Instead of being a cog in a large corporation, freelance consulting lets me be the adaptive Bookkeeper on the Sunshine Coast you need. Whatever your financial situation, I’ll help you find new approaches to cut unnecessary costs and alleviate undue pressure. If you’re ready to watch your business grow, let’s start a conversation