How to apply for your Director Identification Number DIN

A step-by-step guide showing you how to apply for your DIN

What is a Director ID? DIN?


You NEED to watch this short video and APPLY for your Director ID 🎥


+ so you have your DIN set up

+ so you can give your DIN to the person who looks after your company affairs

+ so you don’t get fined *yikes*

How to determine an employee's salary or wages


You NEED to watch this short video about employee salary or wages 🎥


+ so you are paying your employees the correct wage or salary

+ so you have the proper documentation in place

+ so you know who to ask if you are unsure

Meet the Team!

Introducing the Little Miss Bookkeeping team.

Super increases from 9.5% to 10% from 1 July 2021

You NEED to watch this short video about the upcoming super changes 🎥


+ you may need to check existing employee agreements
+ you may need to update payroll data
+ you may need to check that your accounting software is compliant with the changes
+ you may need to speak with your employees and how it affects them

The reality of owning a rental property in Australia

Want to know the real cost of owning an investment property in Australia? Michelle runs through her own personal example of cash flowing a rental property.

What is tax planning?

Welcome to tax season! Want to save money on tax? Then reach out to your accountant to get your tax planning sorted.

Reasons why I love Xero!

5 reasons why I recommend Xero to many of my clients!

How to complete a super form

A step by step breakdown of the Standard Choice Superannuation Form for Australian taxpayers to complete when commencing a new job.

How to complete a TFN declaration

A step by step breakdown of the Tax File Number (TFN) declaration form for Australian taxpayers to complete when commencing a new job.

Breaking down the 2020 federal budget for small business owners

A quick breakdown for small business owners on what the 2020 Australian budget means!

How to renew your business name & not get scammed!

When renewing your business name, watch out for sneaky letters that come in the mail from third party providers! Avoid paying too much to renew your business name when you can do it yourself and pay directly to ASIC!


The start of the new financial year marks the busy tax season for bookkeepers and accountants. Here is a visual explanation as to why it’s important to be patient and wait to lodge your 2020 tax return, particularly for wage earners! Don’t get caught out lodging an incorrect tax return.

If ‘JobKeeper’ was an assignment…

The reality of accountants all across Australia.

Am I eligible for the JobKeeper payment?

An easy to understand rundown of the JobKeeper payment including small business eligibility, what is considered an ‘eligible employee’, next steps and what NOT to do!

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